AMMCO Dredge Pumps

American Marine & Machinery Co., Inc. offers heavy duty AMMCO dredge pumps in a full range of sizes specifically designed for use in AMMCO cutter-suction hydraulic dredges but also suitable for refurbishing of dredges manufactured by others, incorporation into dredge booster pumps or other industrial applications.

Water-end replaceable cast wearing parts are available in a variety of abrasion resistant alloys (steel, manganese steel, high chrome iron, etc.) selected based either on the specific materials being pump or as a general purpose “best choice” for a variety of applications. All AMMCO pumps feature a rugged fabricated steel mounting base with integral provisions for periodically adjusting of the shaft, bearing assemblies and impeller as a unit so that minimum operating clearance between the pump’s impeller and suction side liner can be maintained..

The high alloy steel pump shaft rotates in anti-friction spherical roller bearings, all adequately sized to carry operating radial and thrust loads. Depending on pump size and the application, pumps are available with the bearings mounted either in a unitized single cast split housing comprising a complete cartridge bearing assembly or alternatively, in two separate cast split machined housings which can accommodate a between-the bearings belt drive.. Shaft sealing is through a conventional water flushed stuffing box arrangement with replaceable bronze water lantern and a replaceable stainless shaft sleeve in the area of the high quality ring packing.


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